Bat Ye'or   ISLAM AND DHIMMITUDE. Where Civilizations Collide
In this new study of the legal and social condition of Jews and Christians subjected to Islamic rule (the dhimmis), Bat Ye'or examines various religious and historical sources, using the new term "dhimmitude" to describe their common history and legal status.  Some of these laws derive from the special status institutionalized by the Church Fathers for Jews; once Islamized, these laws were incorporated into Muslim jurisprudence applicable for Christians and Jews alike. Dhimmitude is thus discussed from the perspective of Muslim theology, and also in regard to divergent Christian attitudes to Jews and Zionism.

Bat Ye'or, author of three powerful books on Jews and Christians under Islam, has pioneered a new field of research, which she calls the "civilization of dhimmitude." She analyzes the impact of Westernization on the Muslim world and suggests how it affects the concept of dhimmitude today.  The modern period up until 2000 is broadly covered, including an examination of the revival of jihad ideology and the return of dhimmitude for Christians living under the shari'a. Bat Ye'or describes their struggle against dhimmitude within the context of international rivalries. She examines the possibility of a "dhimmitude of the West," maintaining that reconciliation between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam cannot succeed without an assessment of jihad and dhimmitude. This is all the more essential since the terrorist jihad-war struck America on 11 September 2001.

Fairleigh Dickinson University Press/Associated University Presses (2002)
EMAIL:[email protected] (Publication date: 30 November 2001)
ISBN 0-8386-3942-9 ($60.00 cloth); 0-8386-3943-7 ($19.95 paper). 528 pages.

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Recent critical acclaim for the author's work

In a profound study culminating three decades of scholarship, Bat Ye'or shows the debilitating consequences of the Muslim sense of superiority toward peoples of other religions. In the author's words, this is a painful history of hatred, suffering, death, heroism, betrayal, and cowardice; it is also a history that is very much alive even today and needs squarely to be confronted if Muslims are truly to live in harmony with non-Muslims. For this reason, Bat Ye'or's work is of major importance.
  - Daniel Pipes, Director, Middle East Forum (Philadelphia)

Sir Martin Gilbert on Bat Ye'or

[Bat Ye'or], the acknowledged expert on the plight of Jews and Christians in Muslim lands, and their vigorous champion: her book The Dhimmi, Jews and Christians under Islam & brought the issue of continuing discrimination to a wide public.
  - Martin Gilbert, Challenge to Civilization.
    A History of the Twentieth Century. 1952-1999

About the Author

Bat Ye'or was born in Egypt.  A British citizen since 1959, living in Switzerland, she has written articles and scholarly studies on non-Muslim minorities under Islam since 1971. The translation of Le Dhimmi (1980) into English brought her international recognition. The Dhimmi (1985) remains an essential introduction to her second major work, The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam: From Jihad to Dhimmutude (1996); its publication in French (1991) established the author's reputation as an innovative  thinker in a new field of research.

528 pages, Documents, Bibliography, Notes, Index, 
$60.00 (cloth), $19.95 (paperback)

ISBN 0-8386-3942-9 (cloth)     ISBN 0-8386-3943-7 (paperback)
LC 2001040101

The importance of Bat Ye'or's books on jihad,
dhimmis and dhimmitude

The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians under Islam
(1985, 5th reprint, 2001)

This superb collection of valuable source material crystallizes the historical relationship between the conquering Muslims and the dhimmi (conquered minorities) living in Islamic society.
  - Steven B. Bowman, Choice (ACRL-Academic Division, USA)

The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam:
From Jihad to Dhimmitude (1996)

Bat Ye'or clearly sees contemporary events in the light of the continuity of the Islamic institution of jihad, carried on against the dar al-harb, "domain of war," by all means possible, including diplomacy, terrorism and war.
  - Seth Ward, History (Washington, D.C.)

 [T]he scope of the research covered and the importance of the subject itself must make this a key text in continuing research in this field&  In this respect, it serves to put the study of this topic on a new footing, and will be impossible to ignore.
       - David Thomas, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies (UK)

It seems likely that in the new century of clashing civilizations there will either be heightened conflict or a breakthrough to something like the beginnings of a dialogue&A good place to start is to understand the history that brought us where we are, and to that end I warmly recommend a careful and critical reading of Bat Ye'or's The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam, From Jihad to Dhimmitude&
  - Richard John Neuhaus, First Things (New York)

It is not surprising that [Bat] Ye'or's study of jihad and dhimmitude has been stimulating substantial and disturbing discussion in academic and ecumenical circles&The Dhimmi:  Jews and Christians under Islam was a ground-breaking work&Perhaps the single most significant contribution of the author is her definition and development of the concept of "dhimmitude"&What are the implications for ecumenical dialogue?  [Bat] Ye'or's books on dhimmitude and jihad have an essential place in the ecumenical world; ignoring them will only perpetuate illusion.
  - James E. Biechler, Journal of Ecumenical Studies (Philadelphia)

On the author's last book in French: Juifs et Chrétiens sous l'Islam.
Les dhimmis face au défi intégriste (1994)

Bat Ye'or, specialist on minorities in Islamic countries, revisits in time and space this dhimmitude. It is not the emerged part of an iceberg that she has uncovered, it is a continent engulfed in the history of Islam, an obscure and terrible Atlantis & With the Islamist pressure, are we returning to dhimmitude?
  - Jean-Pierre Perrin, Libération (Paris)


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