Operation Mural

An Englishman and the Mossad in Casablanca
The Clandestine Emigration of 530 Moroccan Jewish Children to Israel

David G. Littman

Operation Mural chronicles a brave 1961 Mossad mission, based on the recently declassified minutes. A spellbound and often chilling account of what it took to smuggle 530 Moroccan Jewish children to Israel via a holiday-camp in Switzerland, re-counted by one of its main operatives, David G. Littman.


"A document of historical importance for the history of the Aliya of Moroccan Jews to Israel. I am sure that this book will in the future be read to the next generation so as to prove the heroic operation of one man."
�Shmuel Toledano
Deputy Head of the Mossad (1953�1976), former Knesset member,
and adviser on Arab Affairs to Prime Ministers Golda Meir, Levy Eshkol, and Yitzhak Rabin

Bat Ye'or 
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