Bat Ye'or   The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam.
                                    From Jihad to Dhimmitude: 7th - 20th Century
In two waves of Islamic expansion, the peoples of the Mediterranean regions and Mesopotamia, who had developed the most prestigious civilizations of the time, were conquered by jihad-wars. Millions of Christians from Spain and North Africa, Egypt, Syria, Greece, and Armenia; Latins and Slavs from southern and central Europe; as well as Jews, were henceforth governed by the shari'a (Islamic) law. They became dhimmis under the humiliating "pact" (dhimma), which spared their lives.

In this second major study, the author gives a lucid analysis of the dogma and strategies of jihad, providing a vast panorama of the history of the dhimmis (mainly the Christians) under Islamic rule. It contains a large section of documents illuminating the decline of Eastern Christianity over the centuries. A pioneer in a virgin field of research, for which she coined a new word ("dhimmitude"), Bat Ye'or here analyses this specific social condition that resulted from jihad.

Fairleigh Dickinson University Press/Associated University Presses (1996)
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ISBN 0-8386-3678 ($45.00 cloth); -3688-8 ($19.95 paper). 528 pages, 70 illustrations

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Jacques Ellul
Bat Ye'or
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